What a few clients are saying.

Bill Anderson

Former President, Christian Booksellers Assoc., Colorado Springs, CO

“Bobb Biehl is my presidential mentor.

It really helps a lot to have the affirmation, discernment, and practical insights of an unbiased collaborator.

Bobb increases my understanding and my options.”

Jim Daly

Focus on the Family

“Bobb has hit me between the eyes with insightful and fog-cutting questions that have helped me immeasurably.

Those long-range thoughts have brought a crisp and clear definition to today’s activities.

I would strongly encourage you to join him for the day.”

Dr. Darryl Delhousaye

President, Phoenix Seminary, Phoenix, AZ

“Solomon tells us that the wise seek the counsel of wisdom and knowledge.

Where do we find these modern day sages who God has gifted with insight into the workings of life and ministry?

Bobb Biehl is indeed a sage who possesses treasures of understanding that can enrich a life and a ministry.”

Larry Dewitt

Founding Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Thousand Oaks, CA

“Masterplanning Group’s process and materials have become the basis for teaching our pastoral and leadership team how to become effective managers of God’s work.

In observing and using many management tools in the past 25 years of pastoring, I have found the Masterplanning Arrow to be the singularly most significant tool for giving effective direction to the church.”

Dave Gibbons

Author of “Monkey and the Fish: Liquid Leadership for a Third Culture Church”, Newport Beach, CA

“Bobb Biehl is a gift to the church and her leaders.

His wisdom and ability to see through the fog of a leader’s life and into the future is priceless.

Newsong and our alliance of churches around the world are more focused and effective because of Bobb and his counsel.”

Robert Jeffress

First Baptist Church Dallas

“For the past 15 years Bobb Biehl has been the single greatest influence in my personal development as a leader.

Every time I have heard Bobb speak I have left with a sharpened focus and renewed zeal for the future.”

John K. Jenkins Sr

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Landover, Maryland

“Bobb Biehl’s clear instruction and direct approach has been a great aid in assisting me in serving those whom God has called me to serve. His willingness to share his experiences and knowledge is rare and powerful.”

Caz MacCaslin

Founder & President, Upward Unlimited, Spartanburg, SC

“Bobb Biehl has been a major part of the very foundation of Upward Sports.

He has also assisted in the critical steps of growth that immediately followed.

Bobb does an incredible job of clearing away the fog that often makes it difficult to see the logical next steps for your organization.

He forced us to look at our organization from a 50,000 foot view in order to stay ahead of the wave that often overtakes many organizations.

Bobb has a unique gift for being able to spot unique opportunities as well as current road blocks.

We are where we are today much because of his wisdom.”

Josh McDowell

Author & Speaker, Dallas, TX

“I feel fifty percent more effective for Christ and, for the rest of my life, will have a greater impact because of Bobb Biehl’s counsel and insight.”

Larry Osborne

Pastor North Coast Church, Vista, CA


“Bobb Biehl has added so much value and insight to my ministry that it’s hard to quantify.

Fact is, many of his leadership principles are so deeply ingrained into my ministry that our staff thinks I thought them up. I didn’t. But I’m sure glad he did.

They’ve made a huge difference in my life and our ministry.”

Bob Roberts

Senior Pastor, NorthWood Church, Keller, TX

“There is not a man alive that has helped me more than Bobb Biehl.

Initially I gleaned from his insight and management ability.

As I read his books and listened to him speak, he continues to have a radical imapact on me and NorthWood.

Today, it is his counsel and insight that I value the most.

Our staff and church greatly admire, respect, and get excited when he comes.”

Alan E. Sears, ESQ

President, CEO & General Counsel, Alliance Defense Fund, Scottsdale, AZ

“How does a group of individuals become a team?

The Leadership Academy is one of the most effective ways I know of developing a team.

The Alliance Defense Fund’s top leaders have benefited over and over from the Leadership Academy.”

Tim Tassopoulos


“Bobb has had a significant influence on Chick-fil-A. His consulting is both challenging and insightful.

Bobb understands people and knows how to help them unlock their untapped potential.”

Steve Woodworth

President, Woodworth, Poulsbo, WA

“I can say with conviction that everything I have done with Bobb Biehl has been worth ten times what it cost in its impact on our firm’s effectiveness.”

Sandy Willson

Senior Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN

“Bobb Biehl has been used of God to expand the ministry of Second Presbyterian Church to our city. With some insightful consultation from Bobb, and the use of his Leadership Academy, we have mentored over 300 young emerging leaders in our city of all races, religions, and professions over the past five years. He knows what he’s talking about.