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Simple “how-to’s” for creating a business plan. Author Bobb Biehl offers his years of experience and success in business with step-by-step instructions for strategic planning.

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By reading one book, your whole team can have one planning process they all understand … regardless of her or his background.
  • Formerly titled: Masterplanning
  • 8th printing – A CLASSIC
  • One simple process applies to groups large or small
  • Proven over hundreds of organizations
“The Strategic Planning process was for us the most important step in launching our drive for excellence. A dozen years and four revisions later, it’s still our lighthouse.”
Ed Morgan
Former President
The Bowery Mission and
Kids With a Promise
New York, New York

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3 reviews for Strategic Planning – Book

  1. Dave Tilma

    Biehl does a masterful job of articlating his process for creating a master plan. We may know where we want to go, or what we would like to accomplish, but have trouble putting together a clear plan that we can communicate with others. It’s a quick read, and you’ll find yourself crafting your plan as you’re reading the book. Great templates for weekly team reports, annual reviews, position focus sheets, and a master planning arrow. If you lead an organization, specifically a ministry related one, you NEED this book.

  2. David Bennett

    I have used this book and its methods for years. I am now teaching it to others. I bought several copies for others enrolled in my seminar…so they wouldn’t have to search for it themselves. Master Planning, and its ARROW methodology, is a fairly simple method of getting the big picture of where an organization stands at any given point of evaluation. Other resources are explained throughout the book to keep an organization on track.

    The first time I came into contact with the book, I was obligated by my organization to read part of it. We would be using it as an organization and would be sitting through some strategic planning using this very method. I was not enthused at all, to say the least. However, after going through the material in the book and then in the seminar, I became, in our organization, its greatest fan.

  3. Alicia Crumpton

    I try to read every strategic planning book I can… Biehl provides a simple, practical, approach along with many tips, checklists, and questionnaires. This is a book someone with zero strategic planning experience or training could use simply by reading and following the suggestions and/or customizing the tools to fit your organizational context.

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