Strategic Planning Package / Book, Arrow, Work sheets

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Strategic Planning Book ($25) , Strategic Planning Arrow ($10), Strategic Planning 20 Work Sheets ($20)

By reading one book … your whole team can have one planning process they all understand … regardless of her / his background.
  • Formerly titled: Masterplanning
  • Book — 8th printing – A CLASSIC
  • One simple process applies to groups large or small
  • Proven over hundreds of organizations
“The Strategic Planning process was for us the most important step in launching our drive for excellence. A dozen years and four revisions later, it’s still our lighthouse.”
Ed Morgan
Former President
The Bowery Mission and
Kids With a Promise
New York, New York
See your whole team’s one integrated plan … past, present, future … on one large sheet of paper everyone understands … one “sheet of music”!
  • Formerly titled:“Masterplanning Arrow”
  • 29th printing – A CLASSIC
  • Gives you a 50,000 foot view of any organization
  • Easily transferable to team members

“After 30 years of using and teaching theStrategic Planning Arrow calling it a ‘practical, proven, highly transferable’ tool would be an major understatement! The profound simplicity of the Arrow has been clarifying to individuals needing direction for their life, business or ministry. I’ve taught the ‘Arrow’ with equal success in India, Mexico and South America. ”

Rev. Claude Robold, founding Pastor New Covenant Church Middletown, Ohio

Helps your staff think through every major project BEFORE they bring it to you – doubling your delegating confidence – and, their planning confidence!
  • Formerly titled – “Masterplanning Strategy Work Sheet”
  • One work sheet helps you systematically think through the basics of any major project
  • Saves you hours in assigning staff projects
The Strategic Planning Work Sheet gives you a practical step-by-step work sheet to help you quickly think through a solid success strategy for each of your / your team’s priorities.

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