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If you would like to be a mentor, or find a mentor, but don’t know where to start, this is the place! This book explains clearly what mentors do and don’t do, the nature of the mentor / protege relationship, the most common roadblocks to effective mentoring, and much more. Package of 10 booklets for $20.

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A mentoring relationship can easily add a feeling of 30-50% extra life / leadership horsepower to any person. Without a mentor, a person often feels underpowered, as if not living up to her or his true potential.
  • 5th printing – A CLASSIC
  • Shows you step-by-step how to find a mentor and how to become one

“Mentors have played a vital role in my personal, spiritual, and leadership development over the years.Mentoring is profoundly simple … and profoundly significant! It brings a totally new level of clarity to the practical aspects of mentoring.”
Josh McDowell
Author & Speaker
Josh McDowell Ministry

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