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What makes anything literally priceless?
Answer: It cannot be replaced regardless of the price you are willing and eager to pay.

Once your favorite people on this earth have gone on to their eternal rewards, whatever memories they have written by hand cannot be replaced regardless of the amount of dollars you would be willing to pay. This is one gift absolutely guaranteed to become a priceless family heirloom.

If your parents, grandparents, favorite aunts and uncles, or mentors are still living this is the perfect gift. Written memories become heirlooms for your children’s children and are guaranteed to become priceless with the passage of time. The Memories book contains over 500 memory-jogging questions to help your loved one relive and write about her or his life’s milestones. It’s a beautiful album type book with padded covers and a binding which opens widely for easy writing. Memories is also a “boomerang” gift! You give it to your loved one this year, he or she fills it with memories over the next 1-50 years, then it returns to you as an heirloom for your children’s children.

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DO NOT lose priceless family memories … get older family members to answer these questions while they are still living for future generations of your family … passing on family stories, traditions, and values.
  • 5th printing – A CLASSIC
  • Lots of questions for parents / grandparents to answer
  • Can add pages as needed
  • Great Gift for Parents / Grandparents
  • Featured on Focus on the Family Radio
“The Memories Journal may be given as a gift to parents or loved ones so that they can record their family history. It consists of 60 life-covering questions; additionally, each is supported by 3 – 10 stimulating questions.”
Shirley Dobson
co-author of Let’s Make a Memory
with Gloria Gaither

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3 reviews for Memories – Loose Leaf Work Book

  1. Edward Sanzo

    Memories originally had a number of questions for you to answer about your life. All blank pages. This book has no questions. Definitely not worth the money. Ed

  2. william wisner

    This is the best Memories book I could find, and probably the most expensive (worth it) . It is also the largest in size as well as the number of pages available. The pages are heavy vellum, all are lined, easy to write on, with extras in the back of the book, which can be rearranged where needed. The book is organized into 15 Subject Sections, and further divided into 60 Subsections, each with a question or thought to jog your memory……and generally flows from…..In the beginning to My epitaph. It is put together in very good taste………as a Book of Memories, not a diary. It is also large enough to allow me to share all of a memory, rather than an abbreviated one. The covers are leatherette covered.

  3. Kristina Charles

    I was fortunate enough to find my not yet used Memory Book from an estate sale. Initially I planned for my daughter just about to get married, starting a new life, to be the one to fill in the memories. She talked me into it feigning no time for it. So blessed to have found and then record some of my answers. Your Mother in Law had it right. It fills those hours best when one finds themselves unable to sleep.

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