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This DVD series is the essence of the leadership tools, processes, principles every leader needs at all levels of leadership. These tools scalable to the smallest start up group and to the president of any country. This is the essence of what Bobb Biehl has learned about leading from his consulting experience with some of the finest leaders of our generation. This material comes from his 40+ years and thousands of hours of consulting with over 500 organizations.

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Get yourself and your team ready TODAY … for the growth ahead of you TOMORROW!
  • 24 different 20-minute DVDs
  • Plus handouts for each of the 24 topics in a Leadership Academy 3-ring notebook

Special Offer for Non-Profit Organizations:
Get 66% off Leadership Academy
Choose “Church/Not-for-Profit” from the Org. Type drop-down menu above.

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3 reviews for Leadership Academy/DVD Series

  1. Kelly J. Loftis

    Excellent, articulate, practical and easily assimilated into the life of a busy leader. There are easy questions to reference at the end of each chapter so if a person is having a struggle in a particular area or simply need their memory refreshed, it is easy and quick to find. I have been able to immediately begin applying these principles to my life. Can’t say enough good about this book and would recommend it!

  2. kristin

    Despite some of the other reviews, which I was surprised about, I found this book incredibly helpful. I think the title is a bit misleading as the book doesn’t really tell you how to lead. But it does an exceptional job of telling the reader how to get beyond common pitfalls in order that a person can lead effectively. Exhaustion, personal scheduling, and the likes are the subject matter for chapters. So while the book is not about leadership per se, it is certainly about the “confidence” or building confidence part of its title.

    While this is not the type of book to read from cover to cover, it is a helpful occasional resource and should be used as such. Having trouble asking good questions and getting to the bottom of an issue? There’s a chapter for that. Having problems balancing work and home life? There’s help for that too. Don’t expect the solutions to be chapters long but a few pages as this is what makes it so accessible. Think of this book not as an exhaustive resource on particular issues but hitting the high notes. Despite this shotgun blast approach, the book works pretty well at hitting the most problematic of areas.

    My only tiff with the book is that it really isn’t Christian at all. I would put it on par with “The Power of Focus” or “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.” It sounds Christian at times but really it doesn’t work.

  3. Trevin Wax

    I don’t read or recommend many leadership books. This one is easy to read, and it contains helpful advice (though not necessarily Christian). Business people and church leaders alike can benefit from the insights found here. Biehl writes about service to others, communicating well, dealing with failure, depression, fatigue, etc.

    The chapters are brief. The sentences are short. The style of writing includes quotes and graphs. There are summaries at the end of each chapter, making the book easy to dip into.

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