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Bobb Biehl explains how age 9 is the most shaping year of a person’s life. In this DVD, Bobb lectures on 10 comfort zones established in the fourth grade. Perfect if you have a fourth grader in your life.

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This simple DVD explains why age 9 is the single most shaping year of a human being’s existence. It explains how it shaped your life, the staff member you are dealing with, or the staff member you are about to hire. And, how to use this insight to help protect your 9 year old children and grandchildren.
  • A 1 hour DVD telling why age 9 is so very life shaping
  • Help in knowing how to take advantage of this information in the lives of your children and grandchildren

“If knowing one’s past is key to understanding one’s future, Bobb Biehl’s 4th Grade DVD is a crystal ball. The wisdom and knowledge clearly articulated in this DVD has direct implications / benefits for every individual, every educator and every parent.”

Graysen Walles, M.Div., Ed.D.
High School Principal
Atlanta, Georgia

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