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Where do you go when you are feeling down, discouraged, fatigued, burned out, borderline depressed … to get “emotionally up”? How do you get yourself encouraged again? How do you regain your emotional balance? How do you avoid being the “two faced leader who is smiling on the outside and sad on the inside”?

Those who look to you for leadership don’t expect to come to you and find you sad and discouraged they expect to find you ready to help them “climb out of their emotional hole”!

In this DVD series, which could be titled “COUNSELING YOURSELF”, you will learn life long tools which can help you work your way out of emotional fogs and restore clear emotional perspective. These tools can help you keep emotionally balanced over the long term helping you to remain genuinely emotionally “up” for others who are looking to you for leadership.

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5-step easy to remember process helps focus every session – counseling family members, friends, colleague, clients, yourself – for the next 50+ years! For the financial equivalent of a one hour personal counseling session fee you will receive:
  • 4 Hours of DVDs … you can watch whenever you like
  • A 3-ring notebook and complete lecture outline
  • Many graphics you can draw on a thousand napkins while counseling others

“One of the primary contributors to pastors leaving the ministry is ’empathy fatigue’ which quickly leads to depression, and burnout. The ‘Counseling Yourself’ series is a very practical, relatable tool to deal with this potentially fatal challenge. I highly recommend this DVD series to any pastor wanting longevity in the ministry.”

Ron Cook
Care for Pastors

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