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Is your current position “just a job,” your next “career move,” or your “lifework”? His series of 30 questions comes in handy any time you are thinking about the possibility of making a work change. If you are uncertain, these profoundly simple ideas can help. You can also help friends in transition. You hand them the 30 questions; they may take hours to answer the questions, but they will come back with well thought-out answers. These questions save hours of time in the decision making process. Helpful in any career re-evaluating process between the ages of 25-60. A proven resource!

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Is your current position “just a job”, your next “career move”, or your “life work”? This profound paper can help you answer these questions with crystal clarity.
  • Questions to help you define your next career move
  • 10 defining elements of your “life work”
  • Applies to anyone from ages 25–60+
“Your material on the subject of LifeWork was, without question, one of the most important resources I have received. I have shared LifeWork with a number of colleagues, and the response has been unanimous: ‘Can I get a copy?’”
The Rev. Canon Brian Cox,
Christ The King, Episcopal Church
Santa Barbara, California

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