Are you looking for

an executive mentor

at this new phase of your life?

Mentoring is a relationship in which the mentor helps the protégé reach her or his God given potential.

The mentoring relationship is focused by two profound questions:

* What are your plans?

* How can I help?

Each time I meet with clients – in person or on the phone – my lead question is exactly the same:

             How can I be of the very most help to youthis day?

Then I bring the experience gained from consulting with approximately 500 organizations (churches, non -profit organizations, for-profit corporations, government agencies), meeting with approximately 5,000 executives, over approximately 50,000 hours, to help bring perspective to the situation resulting in clarity of direction for future action.

Realistically, we can not meet personally each month.  But, I’ve found an hour on the phone each month is very realistic.

Let me bring you up-to-date on what I’ve experienced in the past few years.

            * Many clients have scheduled an hour here and there as pressure situations arise.

                     (Hourly consulting is now nearly 20 percent of my consulting practice)

            * The hour can be on the phone, Skype, or Zoom.

                    (Or the hour can be with members of a team — or a troubled team member)

            * It’s amazing how quickly 40 years of consulting experience can help clarify a situation.

                   (Issues, decisions, direction with problem staff members, personal direction, etc.)

             * Many clients have me do an “Executive Profile” on staff candidates — before hiring.

                    (Reducing risk, affirming – or cautioning against hiring)

            * Some have found a one-hour mentoring phone call once a month works perfectly!

                   (They make a monthly list of frustrations, decisions, issues – we cover them!)

In the next year, chances are about 100% there will be at least one time per month when a confidential one-hour phone call with a trusted, objective mentor with consulting and board room experience would help bring clarity to your current situation or pressure.  It would be “worth its weight in gold” to you!  Having an hour to help you prepare for a high-pressure deadline can help you dramatically reduce the stress you are feeling as you prepare.

At the beginning of each month I’ll send you a one-sentence e-mail telling which 1-2 weeks work the best for my schedule that month (or, we can simply schedule the monthly calls a year in advance).  Ideally, your crazy schedule can match my crazy schedule.


  1. Every young executive can benefit from an executive with thousands of hours of experience who is willing to help answer questions and bring perspective to a situation which is impeding progress. If something can be dealt with in a one-hour phone call which would otherwise hold up progress for 6 months – it is helpful!
  1. Each time we have a one hour conversation on the PHONE, ZOOM, or SKYPE you should come with a list of questions which if answered would allow you to get back on track and move confidently into the future. There are no travel expenses by using the phone.
  1. Questions should be about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (e.g. emotional concerns, family matters, personal responses to situations) or ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (e.g. how to set direction for team, how to hire / fire, how to build a firm financially) – NOT about TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT (e.g. orthodontics, real estate, banking, theology, chemistry).
  1. If you need an unexpected additional hour in any month simply text or e-mail and I can work in an hour in a day or two to discuss any major decision, situation, or stress point you may be wrestling with at the moment. This helps avoid experiencing unnecessary stress for the next few months.  Of course, I’m available almost anytime – with 24-48 hours notice – if you find yourself in a time-sensitive, situation.  You will also have my private cell number for high-pressure emergencies.
  1. Our relationship is confidential – teammates need not know where your ideas / perspective / tools are coming from.
  1. Our first session will be for two hours. The first hour is for me to do a profile of your “Unique Strength Pattern”.  The second hour is to help you deal with your current stress, decisions, and situations.

The fee for my hourly consultations is simply 1/10th of my daily fee.

  My daily consulting fee My hourly consulting fee
For profit $6,000 $600.
Non profit $4,000 $400

On the phone there are no “out of pocket expenses” (flights, hotels, taxis, meals)!  One hour a month for a full year on the phone is approximately the same number of dollars as a one full day consultation in person – expenses included.

Please call us at 800 443 1976 for a time slot, or click here Contact Us to ask additional questions.

Here to help you win,



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“Bobb Biehl has helped me grow tremendously as a leader!  I speak with Bobb regularly and walk away from every conversation as a better leader equipped with new tools and insightful wisdom that benefits my team and church.  An hour on the telephone with Bobb provides a renewed focus and rapidly accelerates my personal development as a leader.  The return on investment is incredible because Bobb invests in you.”

Ben Lovvorn | Executive Pastor of Operations

First Baptist Dallas
1707 San Jacinto, 
Dallas, Texas 75201