Book Evangelism

Have you ever?

  • Have you ever …

wanted to share your faith but didn’t really know how?

  • Have you ever …

felt a bit guilty, frustrated, or sad for not sharing your faith?

  • Have you ever thought …

“I’m not confident sharing my faith – but I should be.”?

If so, you are like approximately 95% of adult Christians

A while ago, I asked my former pastor, Dr. G. Richard Lobs III, retired pastor of six evangelical congregations, what percent of Christian adults are comfortable sharing their faith? His answer:

“My best guesstimate would be that approximately 5 percent of the adult Christians I’ve worked with over my 45 years of ministry were confident sharing their faith – 95 percent were not!”

About 95 percent of the Body of Christ is intimidated by witnessing in any way, to anyone, at any time! I have to admit, I’m part of the 95 percent! I’ve only shared my faith verbally a very few times in 60 years of Christian life.

A Few Reasons We Christians Do Not Share Our Faith

  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of arguments
  • Fear of being put in the “religious fanatic” box
  • Fear my words will come across as a “know it all” or “preaching at”
  • Fear of being “tongue tied”

Even though I’m clearly in the 95% group, recently I have found a way of sharing my faith with 100% confidence!

No spoken words
No arguments
No fear of rejection

On the parking garage level of our seven-story condominium building beside the elevator is a small shelf known as the “free shelf ”. You can take or leave anything left there – free. One day, I got the idea of leaving a book explaining the plan of salvation for anyone to take home free.

The next day I put Josh McDowell’s book More Than a Carpenter on this “free shelf ” and when I returned a few minutes later the book was GONE! The next day I decide to try it again. Cheryl and I went out for a bite to eat and when we returned, the second book was also GONE! Another day, another book GONE! Soon dozens of books were GONE!

Dozens of “plan of salvation” books moving hand to hand, mind to mind, with God guiding them person to person. Before leaving each book, I prayed for a person seeking God (at this exact time in her or his life) to pick up the free book.

Not one person saw me leave the first 30 books!

No spoken words
No arguments
No fear of rejection

No one cared how I looked. No one asked me to utter a single word from my very insecure lips. Leaving each and every book was excit- ing – fulfilling! I had discovered a way of sharing my faith with total confidence!

A few evenings later Cheryl and I were having dinner with our friends Doug and Christi Napier. I shared the fulfillment I experi- enced sharing my faith in this very simple way. Christi has a major problem with her vocal cords (she has had 68 surgeries on her vocal cords and still speaks in a whisper). She whispered, “I leave Chris- tian books as well. I leave them in the beauty shop, the doctor’s office, or anyplace I happen to be. The person picking up the book assumes it was left by mistake – but they were LEFT … on purpose!

Sharing Your Faith In This Way Does Not Require …

A college education
A professional image
Evangelism training
Physical fitness
Public speaking ability
Social confidence
A seminary degree
To be young or old – age 10 or 110

You can share your faith in this way!


Leave — any book you like and trust

Your pastor’s best book.
Your all-time favorite book

Leave — a book on a specific topic

One of the books I left was Grace Behind Bars on the topic of finding God’s freedom in prison life. God can use books to speak to people in all of life circumstances.

Leave — a book in a “closed country”

Suggest the “Book Evangelism” idea to missionaries you support in countries hostile to the gospel.

Leave — books currently collecting dust on your library shelves

Leave books you haven’t read in years on “Free shelves”. “Book Evangelism” turns inactive books into evangelistic tools.

Leave — with a friend

You have been praying for a specific friend. You have been looking for a way to share your faith with her / him, and, just haven’t found the right moment, or just the right words. Give just the right book.

Leave — with a prayer

Pray that God – in His perfect timing – will connect this book to exactly the right seeking reader and will attract the seeking reader to Himself for all eternity.

Leave a Book Anywhere

Here are a few suggestions.

Always have one in your car to take with you and leave on or in:

  • Airplanes
  • Buses
  • Conference rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • “Free shelves”
  • Gyms
  • Nursing homes
  • Professional offices … medical doctor, psychologist, dentist, attorney,
  • Park benches
  • Restaurants
  • Shops – repair, barber, beauty
  • Stadiums
  • Trains
  • Waiting rooms
  • Anywhere!

Consider Leaving Christan Books As One Of Your Secret Dreams Or Mission

Your dream can be 100 percent your secret.

Leave a book a day, a book a week, a book a month. You may have a dream of leaving 100 or 100,000 books over your lifetime. Just start with leaving your very first book – and, you are on your way!

No one needs to see you leave a single book. God sees whenever you leave a book, day or night … 24 hours a day … 7 days a week. You can be an extremely shy Christian who feels 100 percent confi- dent sharing your faith on a regular basis for the rest of your life.

Note: Don’t put your name in each book if you are not comfortable talking with the person reading it. Put your name (contact informa- tion) in each book, if you are open to talking with the reader. It is also perfectly OK for you to underline, or turn down pages, in any book you leave.

Who Are Your “Shy” Christian Friends?

Help your shy friends understand it is OK to be a super shy, invisi- ble, behind the scenes, secret “book leaving witness” — you are still an effectiveness witness. Trust deeply in God’s sovereignty, and His use of every single book, as He guides it to a reader seeking Him.

Share this very, very simple “Book Evangelism” idea with friends still feeling a tinge of guilt — for not sharing their faith verbally. “Book Evangelism” can start unlocking the massive 95% of us who attend church faithfully but never feel confident sharing our faith. Imagine, spiritually shy Christians confidently sharing our faith via books we leave – anywhere, everywhere, all the time!

Start by leaving just one book – TODAY!

Recommended Books

Look for books sharing the following in common:

Titled to attract a non-believer
Short book
Well written
Containing the “Plan of Salvation”
Containing a “Prayer of Faith”

Recommended titles – add your own books:

Heaven – Jann Bach
A Second Chance – Keith Battle
Decade by Decade – Bobb Biehl
The Secret of Happiness – Billy Graham
Heaven – Robert Jeffress
More than a Carpenter – Josh McDowell
Grace Behind Bars – Bo and Gary Mitchell
No Way to Lose – Bishop Rosie O’Neal
Your Story Counts – John Sorenson

Choose any book you like to spread the gospel message

If you decide to use our books Decade by Decade (in shrink wrapped packets of 10 copies) you get a 90% discount.  A 90% discount for you, and your group — leaves no royalties or profit for Cheryl and me – we are deeply committed to the “Book Evangelism” idea!
% Discount Retail cost per book Your cost per book Retail for 10 books Your group’s cost for 10 books
90% $20 $2 $200 $20

Please click on the Decade by Decade book image below to order your 10-packs. We ask that you only purchase the 10-packs if you intend to use the books as Book Evangelism tools. We trust your integrity. Along with your order of Decade by Decade 10-packs, you may also order Sharing Your Faith (free!), a printed booklet introducing the Book Evangelism concept. Order as many as you need for you and your group.