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Asking Profound Questions Booklet - Bobb Biehl

Asking Profound Questions

BOOKLET (3.5” X 6.5”)
"Asking Profound Questions is like having a wise old uncle available to talk to on every decision. I carry it with me wherever I go."
Paul H. Weaver
Owner / Chairman
Weaver Leather
Mt. Hope, Ohio
  • 31st printing - A CLASSIC
  • Asking Profound Questions...you get Profound Answers
"Bobb Biehl is a breed apart. His specialty is not the right answers but the right questions. You emerge from an exposure to him with direction. He lights the fires and steers the process toward solutions."
Howard G. Hendricks
Distinguished Professor / Chairman
Center for Christian Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary
Boardroom Confidence Book - Bobb Biehl

Boardroom Confidence

When your entire board reads this one book ... they all look at the board’s role with the same assumptions ... regardless of their backgrounds ... reducing a lot of tensions!
  • 8th Printing - A CLASSIC
  • Authors have over 100 boards combined experience
  • A book you can count on for many adaptable samples
"Boardroom Confidence has removed a lot of the ‘practical mist’ that so often surrounds the boardroom experience. I highly recommend it!"
Dr. Robert Lewis
Creator / Presenter
Men’s Fraternity
Little Rock, Arkansas
Career Change / Life Work Traction Paper - Bobb Biehl

Career Change / Lifework

TRACTION PAPER (8.5" x11")
Is your current position “just a job”, your next “career move”, or your “life work”? This profound paper can help you answer these questions with crystal clarity.
  • Questions to help you define your next career move
  • 10 defining elements of your “life work”
  • Applies to anyone from ages 25–60+
"Your material on the subject of LifeWork was, without question, one of the most important resources I have received. I have shared LifeWork with a number of colleagues, and the response has been unanimous: ‘Can I get a copy?’"
The Rev. Canon Brian Cox,
Christ The King, Episcopal Church
Santa Barbara, California

Bill Anderson

"Bobb Biehl has been my presidential mentor for over two decades. While widely acclaimed as the consummate mentor and wise conceptualist serving high profile organizations and highly accomplished leaders – Bobb still retains a humble servant’s heart."
Bill Anderson
Executive Mentor
Advisor to CEOs
Former President / CEO
Christian Booksellers Association
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jim Daly

"Bobb served on the Focus on the Family board of directors for over thirty years. I've known him personally for over twenty years. He is a life long friend. His personal balance and practical wisdom makes him one of my most trusted advisers."
Jim Daly
Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Church Leadership Academy /Small Groups Three Ring Notebook / DVD Series - Bobb Biehl

Church Leadership Academy

Three Ring Notebook / DVD Series
Small Group process for helping you get the leaders in your church / non profit organization ready – for what God has for you tomorrow!
  • 70% discount ONLY for churches and non profit organizations ($1000 value for $290)
  • 26 - 30 minute DVDs + 15 minutes of Q/A with each
  • Student notebooks - view details for information
  • Teacher's outline 3-ring notebook
"I went through the Academy as a part of a group from our church. We were all owners of our own businesses. This study has had a major impact in our businesses as well as our church relations. I am a self employed accountant with my own practice. I have already used many of these principles in working with my clients. I highly recommend the Church Leadership Academy."
Ken Schilling EA, ATA, ATP
Haltom City, Texas
Depression, Fatigue, BurnOut - Three Ring Notebook / DVD Series - Bobb Biehl

Depression, Fatigue, Burnout

Three Ring Notebook / DVD Series
5-step easy to remember process helps focus every session – counseling family members, friends, colleague, clients, yourself – for the next 50+ years!

For the financial equivalent of a one hour personal counseling session fee you will receive:
  • 4 Hours of DVDs … you can watch whenever you like
  • A 3-ring notebook and complete lecture outline
  • Many graphics you can draw on a thousand napkins while counseling others
"One of the primary contributors to pastors leaving the ministry is 'empathy fatigue' which quickly leads to depression, and burnout. The 'Counseling Yourself' series is a very practical, relatable tool to deal with this potentially fatal challenge. I highly recommend this DVD series to any pastor wanting longevity in the ministry."
Ron Cook
Care for Pastors
Dreaming Big Book - Bobb Biehl

Dreaming Big!

"Knowing a little about dreaming big, I have never seen such an organized approach to following your heart—and your Life Dream. Dreaming Big! can help lift individuals and organizations out of mediocrity."
Rich DeVos
AMWAY Corporation
  • 31 practical steps for a one month study
  • Great team exercise
  • Key to moving from being driven to having drive!
"Dream a big dream! Now, grab a pen and paper and Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets will walk you through a life-altering process in their energizing and inspiring book Dreaming Big! A must-read for those ready to shift their 'inner-drive' into gear."
Dan T. Cathy
President and Chief Operating Officer

Holly Duncan

"Bobb Biehl has a powerfully effective combination of Solomon - like wisdom, a servant’s heart, and 35+ years of business / ministry experience. I always look forward to talking with him, learning from him, and watching my board of directors glean from his expertise."
Holly M. Duncan, M.Ed., LPC
Lubbock, Texas

Dave Gibbons

"Bobb Biehl is a gift to the church and her leaders. His wisdom and ability to see through the fog of a leader's life and into the future is priceless. Newsong and our alliance of churches around the world are more focused and effective because of Bobb and his counsel."
Dave Gibbons
Author of "Monkey and the Fish: Liquid Leadership for a Third Culture Church"
Newport Beach, California

Focusing By Asking CD - Bobb Biehl

Focusing by Asking

Pop this drive time CD in on any commute / trip to regain crystal clear perspective on your current situation
  • Drive time CD you can listen to over and over
  • Each time you listen you hear something new
  • Teaches questions to ask to help you process life
"Realistically I have listened to Bobb Biehl’s wisdom on the drive time CD – Focusing By Asking over 100 times! I have used it time after time to impact my business, my personal life and the lives of the many I mentor."
Daniel C. Loney
Loney Financial Corporation
Vancouver, Canada
4th Grade DVD - Bobb Biehl

Fourth Grade

This simple DVD explains why age 9 is the single most shaping year of a human being’s existence. It explains how it shaped your life, the staff member you are dealing with, or the staff member you are about to hire. And, how to use this insight to help protect your 9 year old children and grandchildren.
  • A 1 hour DVD telling why age 9 is so very life shaping
  • Plus-one hour live video audience Q / A session
  • Help in knowing how to take advantage of this information in the lives of your children and grandchildren
"If knowing one's past is key to understanding one's future, Bobb Biehl's 4th Grade DVD is a crystal ball. The wisdom and knowledge clearly articulated in this DVD has direct implications / benefits for every individual, every educator and every parent."
Graysen Walles, M.Div., Ed.D.
High School Principal
Atlanta, Georgia
Heaven Book - Bobb Biehl


You can’t possibly read Heaven to a dying friend without weeping at the sheer beauty ahead in eternity!
  • Great gift for older parents / grandparents
  • Quantity discounts available to any person with a pastoral care ministry
  • Great gift for any friend in the grieving process
"Heaven is a provocative book providing gripping images of what Heaven might be like. It presents a vivid and inviting picture of Heaven -- especially comforting to one facing imminent death or grieving the loss of a loved one."
Rev. David M. Rockness
Sr. Pastor
First Presbyterian Church, Lake Wales (Retired)
Lake Wales, Florida

Jack Hibbs

"I have had the opportunity to experience Bobb’s leadership wisdom and counsel in different areas and varying dynamics. Bobb’s ability to bring to light what’s needed to achieve a goal and what people will be needed around you to best meet the challenge is truly amazing."
Pastor Jack Hibbs
Founding and Senior Pastor
Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
Chino Hills, California

John Jenkins

"Bobb Biehl's clear instruction and direct approach has been a great aid in assisting me in serving those whom God has called me to serve. His willingness to share his experiences and knowledge is rare and powerful."
Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
Landover, Maryland
How To Get Engaged Book - Bobb Biehl

How to get Engaged

This one book can help you know if you are marrying the right person … and / or, avoid marrying the wrong person … avoiding a painful divorce!

Formerly titled “Getting to Really Know Your Life Mate to Be”
  • These 250 fun questions in the 7 areas of life help you get to know the real person you are about to marry before you ask “Will you?” or say “I Will”!
  • Questions to ask BEFORE you get engaged / married
  • Answering the question, “Should I get married?”
"Our staff has given out about 100 copies of How to Get Engaged. Each book saves 1-2 counseling sessions looking for the core pre-marriage issues. I estimate this book has already saved our team 300-500 hours of counseling time."
Marty Grubbs
Senior Pastor
Crossings Community Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Leadership Academy 3 Ring Notebook / DVD Series - Bobb Biehl

Leadership Academy

Three Ring Notebook / DVD Series
Get yourself and your team ready TODAY ... for the growth ahead of you TOMORROW!
  • 26 different 30-minute DVDs + 15 minutes of Q/A with each
  • Teacher’s outline 3-ring notebook
  • Student notebooks available – view details for information
"The Leadership Academy training was insightful, challenging, and extremely helpful. In a small business, these types of principles are not a part of any training. Most of the training in a small business is “on the job”, or focused on marketing / sales. There are very few programs available to help look at how to plan and run a small business."
Jeff Toon
db constructors, inc.
Keller, Texas
Leadership Insights Book - Bobb Biehl

Leadership Insights

The 101 insights Bobb Biehl has counted on / quoted the most often over the past 35 years! These principles, insights, definitions, rules of thumb can help you in any walk of life … for the rest of your life!
  • Great graduation gift (High School or College)
  • Great team member development tool
"I thought, if Leadership Insights is a summary of insights Bobb has found to be significant I should benefit from reading / rereading his insights. Over the next six months I read all 101 insights. Today I find myself quoting and applying them to myself and others. I am one who was very much impacted by Leadership Insights."
Bruce Dunning
Executive Director
MEDEBA, Specialists in Adventure Learning
Haliburton, Ontario

Frank James

"Let me cut through the fog. There is no one quite like Bobb Biehl. Bobb has mentored me and taken the time to help me with strategic thinking as well as practical techniques on how to ensure that my seminary fulfills its mission. In a word --Bobb Biehl rocks."
Frank A. James III
D.Phil, PhD
Gordon – Conwell Theological Seminary
South Hamilton, Massachusetts

Robert Jeffress

"For the past 15 years Bobb Biehl has been the single greatest influence in my personal development as a leader. Every time I have heard Bobb speak I have left with a sharpened focus and renewed zeal for the future."
Dr. Robert Jeffress
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas
Leading With Confidence Book - Bobb Biehl

Leading with Confidence

Confidence increases dramatically when predictability increases. This one book dramatically increases the predictability of what to do in a very wide variety of situations every single leader faces in life. Therefore, increasing any leader’s confidence!
"Leading with Confidence has been a very practical aid in my work in Eastern Europe for over 25 years. And, it is still important now as a member of a global church movements team. After the Bible, it has been the most helpful book I have used over the years."
Virgil Anderson
Global Church Movements VP
Campus Crusade for Christ International
Life Focus Sheet - Bobb Biehl

Life Focus Sheet

Carry one sheet with you at all times to re-focus your life anytime in 10-15 minutes
24 x 7 x 365 x Life!
  • DVD - 24 life focusing minutes
  • Proven effective for over 15 years!
  • Adapt to your own life
"Since using the Life Focus Sheet consistently for about a year now, I stay focused and am far more productive, and more naturally motivated!"
Ray Baily
Videographer / Editor
Guiding Light Productions
Denver, Colorado
Memories Journal - Bobb Biehl

Memories Journal

Expandable Journal (11.5” X 11.5”)
DO NOT lose priceless family memories ... get older family members to answer these questions while they are still living for future generations of your family ... passing on family stories, traditions, and values.
  • 5th printing - A CLASSIC
  • Lots of questions for parents / grandparents to answer
  • Can add pages as needed
  • Great Gift for Parents / Grandparents
  • Featured on Focus on the Family Radio
"The Memories Journal may be given as a gift to parents or loved ones so that they can record their family history. It consists of 60 life-covering questions; additionally, each is supported by 3 - 10 stimulating questions."
Shirley Dobson
co-author of Let’s Make a Memory
with Gloria Gaither

Dr. L. Ken Jones

"My time with Bobb Biehl has been enjoyable, encouraging, educational, and life-changing. Bobb has unusual insight and wisdom to address the common and uncommon issues leaders face. By asking a few profound questions and applying a few proven principles, he adds value in any situation."
Dr. L. Ken Jones
Lubbock Christian University
Lubbock, Texas

Caz MacCaslin

Bobb Biehl has been a major part of the very foundation of UPWARD Sports. Bobb does an incredible job of clearing away the fog making it difficult to see the next steps for your organization. Bobb has a unique gift for spotting unique opportunities and removing roadblocks. We are where we are today much because of his wisdom.
Caz MacCaslin
Founder & President
Upward Unlimited
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Mentoring Booklet - Bobb Biehl


A mentoring relationship can easily add a feeling of 30-50% extra life / leadership horsepower to any person. Without a mentor, a person often feels underpowered, as if not living up to her or his true potential.
  • 5th printing – A CLASSIC
  • Shows you step-by-step how to find a mentor and how to become one
  • For Booklets Click Here
"Mentors have played a vital role in my personal, spiritual, and leadership development over the years. Mentoring is profoundly simple ... and profoundly significant! It brings a totally new level of clarity to the practical aspects of mentoring."
Josh McDowell
Author & Speaker
Josh McDowell Ministry
Mid Life Storm Book - Bobb Biehl

Midlife Storm

Avoid a “Midlife Crisis” by doing a very careful “Midlife Re-evaluation”. If you, or someone you know, feels lost in the “midlife fog” this is a real “fog cutter”!
  • Defining your "life Dream"
  • Defining your "Emotional Needs"
  • Defining the step-by-step "Midlife Re-evaluation Process"
"This is one of the best books Bobb Biehl has ever written. The "Midlife Map" is easily worth the price of the book. If you or any of your friends are going through midlife ... get a copy!"
Bo Mitchell
Co Founder with Garth Brooks
Team Mates for Kids Foundation
Denver, Colorado
On My Own Book - Bobb Biehl

On My Own

These are the principles you wish your parents had taught you before you left home!
  • 7th printing - A CLASSIC
  • Great Graduation Gift (High School or College)
  • Featured on Focus on the Family
"Over the years I have given out approximately 2,000 copies of the book On My Own to my adolescent patients when they "graduate" from orthodontic treatment. Their parents are especially delighted, realizing we care about their children's smiles and their success in later life as well."
Dr William L Krieg
Orthodontic Specialist
Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

Larry Osborne

"Bobb Biehl has added so much value and insight to my ministry that it's hard to quantify. Fact is, many of his leadership principles are so deeply ingrained into my ministry that our staff thinks I thought them up. I didn't. But I'm sure glad he did. They've made a huge difference in my life and our ministry."
Larry Osborne
Lead Pastor
North Coast Church
Vista, California

Tony Perkins

"Bobb asks the right questions that prompt the right decisions that have helped move our organization forward. His insight has been of tremendous assistance to me and the Family Research Council."
Tony Perkins
Family Research Council
Washington, D.C.
Phases of Your Life DVD - Bobb Biehl

Relax - This Phase of Your Life

RELAX … Most people hearing this short talk RELAX immediately! And, share it’s freeing insights with at least 3 people in 1-2 days! You will find yourself taking a deep breath and smiling as you experience how much it helps you ... RELAX!
  • DVD-39 Minutes
  • Brings clear perspective to each decade of life
  • Helps you understand parents, children, staff
"Bobb's Relax has helped me, our Board, our senior leaders, and our youngest staff members – better understand ourselves and others. It helps lift the "very heavy load of unrealistic expectations" off of one's shoulders and unlocks understanding, empathy and respect for others at the same time as I've shared it with person after person."
Curtis Hail
President & CEO
e3 Partners Ministry / I AM SECOND
Dallas, Texas
Staying Up In Down Times DVD - Bobb Biehl

Staying UP in DOWN Times


1. The "North Star", 2. The "Emotional Balance Chart", 3. A List of "Positive Life Milestones", 4. A List of "Lifelong Friends and Acquaintances", 5. "Visual Perspective Chart", 6. The "I Want" Grid, 7. The "Priorities" Grid, 8. The "To Do List" – 90 Days and 1 Year
  • DVD-8 proven tools
  • 2+ hours of practical perspective
  • Effective ages 21-81
Bobb Biehl has consulted with Evangelism Explosion since 1976! Staying UP in DOWN Times is some of the most practical leadership / management / life tools he has developed in all the years I have known him.
Dr. John B. Sorensen
Evangelism Explosion International
Stop Setting Goals Book - Bobb Biehl

Stop Setting Goals

Approximately 15% of the people within 100 miles of you at this moment are naturally oriented by / energized by GOALS! Approximately 80% of the people are naturally oriented by / energized by PROBLEMS! Approximately 5% of the people are naturally oriented by / energized by OPPORTUNITIES!
  • Key to understanding your own motivational patterns and those of your spouse and children.
  • Critical understanding for anyone in any leadership / management position responsible for motivating a team
"I can name four paradigm-shifting business classics: The Effective Executive, Future Shock, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and Stop Setting Goals."
Dr. Joel C. Robertson, Pharm.D.
Chairman and CEO
Robertson Research Institute

Greg Pritchard

"Any time I have spent with Bobb Biehl has been extremely valuable. His leadership and management insights are, in my experience, without a peer."
Greg Pritchard PhD
European Leadership Forum
Communication Institute
Lisle, Illinois

Rev. Dr. Carson Pue

"For years I have been mentored by Bobb, so imagine my excitement of being able to share him through his leadership tools. I now use Bobb’s tools in the development of leaders in the downtown of our city. Personally, I have replicated the principles found in these tools on a thousand serviettes (napkins)!"
Rev. Dr. Carson Pue
Executive Director
First Baptist Church
Strategic Planning Book - Bobb Biehl

Strategic Planning

By reading one book ... your whole team can have one planning process they all understand ... regardless of her / his background.
  • Formerly titled: Masterplanning
  • Book -- 8th printing - A CLASSIC
  • One simple process applies to groups large or small
  • Proven over hundreds of organizations
"The Strategic Planning process was for us the most important step in launching our drive for excellence. A dozen years and four revisions later, it's still our lighthouse."
Ed Morgan
The Bowery Mission and
Kids With a Promise
New York, New York
Strategic Planning Arrow Planning Sheet - Bobb Biehl

Strategic Planning Arrow

See your whole team’s one integrated plan … past, present, future … on one large sheet of paper everyone understands ... one “sheet of music”!
  • Formerly titled:“Masterplanning Arrow”
  • 29th printing - A CLASSIC
  • Gives you a 50,000 foot view of any organization
  • Easily transferable to team members
"After 30 years of using and teaching the Strategic Planning Arrow calling it a 'practical, proven, highly transferable' tool would be an major understatement! The profound simplicity of the Arrow has been clarifying to individuals needing direction for their life, business or ministry. I've taught the 'Arrow' with equal success in India, Mexico and South America. "
Rev. Claude Robold
New Covenant Church
Middletown, Ohio
Strategic Planning Work Sheet - Bobb Biehl

Strategic Planning Work Sheet

WORK SHEET (11” X 17”)
Helps your staff think through every major project BEFORE they bring it to you – doubling your delegating confidence – and, their planning confidence!
  • Formerly titled - "Masterplanning Strategy Work Sheet"
  • One work sheet helps you systematically think through the basics of any major project
  • Saves you hours in assigning staff projects
The Strategic Planning Work Sheet gives you a practical step-by-step work sheet to help you quickly think through a solid success strategy for each of your / your team's priorities.


"There is not a man alive that has helped me more than Bobb Biehl. Initially as I read his books and listened to him speak I gleaned from his insight and management ability. Today, he continues to have a radical impact on me and on NorthWood. It is his counsel and insight I value most."
Dr. Bob Roberts
Senior Pastor
NorthWood Church
Keller, Texas

Alan E. Sears

"Bobb Biehl's profound counsel to the Alliance Defense Fund literally moved us from dreams to reality. Bobb taught us how to focus our communications about what God was doing and people responded at an amazing level."
Alan E. Sears, Esq.
President, CEO and General Counsel
Alliance Defense Fund
Scottsdale, Arizona
Team Profile Self Scoring Inventory - Bobb Biehl

Team Profile

Self Scoring Inventory (8 ½” X 11”)
The Team Profile helps you and your team get “Round Pegs in Round Holes”! The Team Profile also lets you tell others: what makes you tick! What turns you on! What burns you out!
  • 16th printing - A CLASSIC
  • Key to helping you understand your personal “fulfillment” and your “burnout” point
"The Team Profile has proved to be an invaluable tool. We use it with every potential hire and team member. It's a profoundly simple tool that helps us quickly identify what roles and assignments will most likely energize or emotionally drain a person."
Dr. Larry Osborne
Lead Pastor
North Coast Church
Vista, California
Thinking Man Diet - Bobb Biehl

Thinking Man Diet

Paper Back
Thinking Man Diet Over a period of about 8 months (telling no one I was on a diet) I dropped from 203 pounds to 160 pounds. And, have easily and consistently kept the weight off. This book explains how I actually did it.
  • Totally invisible to friends
  • How I lost 43 pounds and easily keep it off
  • Lifestyle ... new weight becomes your "NEW NORMAL"
"Thinking Man Diet has helped me lose 35 pounds since I started. I’ve been told it has made me look younger and I certainly feel younger. It’s not really a diet, it’s simple practical ideas that have helped me succeed in taking the weight off and keeping it off."
Ray Pokorny
Senior Vice President
Thinking Woman Diet - Jillian Williams

Thinking Woman Diet

Paper Back
Thinking Woman Diet Over a period of about months I dropped from 90 pounds. And, have easily and consistently kept the weight off. This book explains how I actually did it!
  • Totally invisible to friends
  • How I lost 90 pounds and easily keep it off
  • Lifestyle ... new weight becomes your "NEW NORMAL"
"Thinking Woman Diet helped me rethink the way I approach food. It's a great weapon against emotional eating, mindless gobbling, and the never-ending comparison game. Follow its principles and you'll conquer food for good."
Abigail Turner
Mechanicsburg, PA
Thinking Diet Set - Bobb Biehl & Jillian Williams

Thinking Diet Set

2 Book Set
Thinking Diet Set Just between the two of us we have lost 133 pounds ... and, easily keep it off! Jillian has lost 90 pounds. Bobb has lost 43 pounds. This diet if for THINKING MEN AND WOMEN who want to get to, and stay at their IDEAL WEIGHT for LIFE!
  • Totally invisible to friends
  • Helps you stay at your IDEAL WEIGHT 4 LIFE!
  • Lifestyle ... new weight becomes your "NEW NORMAL"
"Thinking Man Diet has helped me lose 35 pounds since I started. I’ve been told it has made me look younger and I certainly feel younger. It’s not really a diet, it’s simple practical ideas that have helped me succeed in taking the weight off and keeping it off."
Ray Pokorny
Senior Vice President
Ten Most Wanted Bulletin Insert - Bobb Biehl

Ten Most Wanted

Bulletin Insert (5.5” X 8.5”)
Whenever you are challenging others on the subject of EVANGELISM ... the TEN MOST WANTED bulletin inserts / cards are a very practical action assignment. Proven to be effective for over 20 years, in hundreds of settings, complimenting a wide range of speakers with a wide range of delivery styles!
  • Most frequently used as a bulletin insert
  • Can be used as a simple speaking hand out
  • Tear out "wallet sized" card to carry with you
"One of the greatest evangelistic tools I’ve seen in the last 30 years is the Ten Most Wanted bulletin inserts. We gave a copy to 2,300 people and had a very enthusiastic response. I am encouraging every pastor to try it."
Dr. Ron Rand
Knox Fellowship
Presbyterian Church, USA
Cincinnati, Ohio
Want To Be President DVD - Bobb Biehl

Want to be President?

Are you simply responding to the pressures you are feeling from others in your life to become PRESIDENT (CEO, Executive Director, Managing Partner, Owner, Senior Pastor)? Are you feeling great pressure to take the next promotion? Let this one DVD help you decide to say, “YES” or “NO”!
  • DVD - 32 Minutes
  • Watch alone .. discussion not required for clear decision!
  • Understand why the thought of “being the ‘Senior Leader’ someday” is putting emotional pressure on you today!
There is a very common assumption in society that everyone wants to be president of something someday ... or, should ... WRONG! Only a very small percentage of men and women ever aspire to be president of anything anywhere at any time. Are you sure you want to be a senior executive? Let this one DVD help you decide.

Tim Tassopoulos

"Bobb has had a significant influence on Chick-fil-A. His consulting is both challenging and insightful. Bobb understands people and knows how to help them unlock their untapped potential."
Tim Tassopoulos
Sr. Vice-President Operations
Chick -fil-A, Incorporated
Atlanta, Georgia

Stephen Woodworth

I can say with conviction that everything I have done with Bobb Biehl has been worth ten times what it cost in its impact on our firm's effectiveness.
Steve Woodworth
Poulsbo, Washington
Why You Do What You Do Book - Bobb Biehl

Why You Do What You Do

This book is the result of more than 50,000 hours behind the defense systems of some of the finest, emotionally healthy leaders of our generation. This model was developed to maximize “healthy” people with a few emotional “mysteries” still unanswered.
  • 5th printing - A CLASSIC
  • Available as a Downloadable Version
  • Systematic...making behavior understandable
"This is the fastest tool I've ever seen for getting right to the heart of the really emotional issues, a profoundly simple understanding of both problems and Solutions—in lay terms."
Steve Arterburn
Host - # 1 talk show "New Life Live"
Founder - Women of Faith conferences
Wisdom Of A Grandfather DVD Set - Bobb Biehl

Wisdom of a Grandfather

“If I could just sit and chat with my great grandchildren 100 years from now – here are some of the life insights I would share from my 35 years of business / life experience” – Bobb Biehl
  • A set of 7 DVDs
  • Any one of the DVDs is worth the price of the set
  • The results of 35+ years of exposure to over 500 organizations and 50,000 hours of consulting are predictable!
  • Life Long Student
  • Defining Your Single Greatest Strength
  • Fog Cutters
  • Napkin Graphics
  • The Big Picture Perspective
  • Building a Solid Team
  • Annual Career Path Discussion
Digital Downloads - Bobb Biehl

Digital Archives

Last year more people ordered the following tools as much or more digitally as in hard copy. At the same time many did want this valuable content. So we decided to stop printing them / stop taking up warehouse space. We decided to make them available only via digital down load. Enjoy!
  • Wisdom and experience you will not find anywhere else
  • Classics over 10+ years
  • Proven in a very wide variety of settings with a wide variety of personalities
  • Building Your First Church Building
  • Encouraging Your Team
  • Event Planning – Ed Trenner
  • Presidential Profile
  • Staff Evaluation – 135 Checklist
  • Writing Your First Book

Building Your First Church Building

Encouraging Your Team

Event Planning - Ed Trenner


Presidential Profile

Staff Evaluation - 135 Checklist

Writing Your First Book